Amazing! Apple Watch Series 8 helps Son save mother’s life from deadly attack

This son detected signs of a heart attack in his mother using the Apple Watch Series 8 and saved her life.

During the Apple event, the Apple Watch Series 8 was introduced as a device that can monitor health and protect users from an underlying issue by sending an alert, thereby saving the user’s life. Amazingly, just days after it went on sale, it has already saved a life! Yes, Apple Watch 8 has already displayed its effectiveness when it comes to saving people’s lives. Albeit, saving lives is not a new thing for the Apple Watch as just recently, it saved a drowning cyclist by sending alerts to authorities and emergency contacts. And now, it has saved a woman’s life by detecting signs of atrial fibrillation and potentially protected her from getting a fatal heart attack. Read on to know how Apple Watch 8 pulled off this feat.

Apple Watch Series 8 helps a son save his mother’s life

The incident was reported by 9to5Mac. Jason Smith’s parents were planning a trip to Chester in the UK. However, days before their trip, Jason received a phone call from his father. On the call, his father frantically explained that Jason’s mother had fallen sick. “He said she felt very dizzy and as though her heart was pounding — I told them to pull over and that I would be with them as quickly as possible”, Jason told 9to5Mac.

But surprisingly, by the time Jason reached his parent’s house, his mother looked fine and the situation seemed to be under control. The first thing Jason did was to check his mother’s blood pressure. Next, he assessed her general wellbeing. Both looked normal. Even his mother told him that she felt much better. But Jason was skeptical.

As a precautionary measure, he gave his mother his Apple Watch Series 8 to check her heart condition. The Apple Watch has been equipped with an ECG monitor ever since the Apple Watch 4. It measures both the heart rate as well as the strength of electrical signals of the heart beats.

“I then took my Apple Watch Series 8 and placed it on her wrist to perform an ECG. This is when the Watch alerted us to say it had detected atrial fibrillation and to seek medical assistance immediately. I proceeded to take three more ECGs to rule out any false positives, but each one reported AFib with a resting heart rate above 160 bpm,” Jason told 9to5Mac.

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often very rapid heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots in the heart. And as they rushed her to the doctors, that is what they found out as well. However, after a stay in the hospital and getting a lifetime prescription of medicines, she was all fine and ready to go home. The doctors also revealed to Jason that if she was not brought in on time, she probably would not have made it through the day.

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