Lets Start Step by Step Guide for Blogging and this section is Basic – still there are lots of things which you may learn from this post – lets see How to Move Forward?

What You Will Learn in this Section? (Basics)

  • What Do I Need to Start a Blog?
  • What are Domain Names and Domain Hosting?
  • What is the Best Blogging Platform for Beginners and Intermediate Level?
  • How Much Cost You May need to Invest at First?

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What Do I Need to Start a Blog?

You need 30 minutes, not much and you only need to do three things as follows

Pick Your Platform On which Your Blog will Run

You Need a Platform on which you can add/ remove content and manage the content and organize it for your views so that they can get this things easily. These Type of API are called CMS (Content Management System).

There are Lots of Open Sources Platform are there in the Internet World – But I will ask you pick which best for You and Me. (Nearly No Coding Needed)

Coding Skills is Totally Optional

Let me share a Quick Data from Pingdome about the Blogging Platform in the World and You will see WordPress is Really Out Ranked all other API

Why Not a Free Blogging Platform? Like Blogger / Tumblr

You are Welcome to Use any of the Platform – But when we are putting our content on others platform which is not controlled by us – then your hard work is in danger!!! They can shut you down or prevent you from making money for any reason they choose.

With a blog on your own domain, you have no limits on your content, branding or monetization – you own it. – This Option is Best If you are looking for Making Long Term System which will work for you and create source of Passive Income.

Find a Domain Name

A Domain Name is the web address of your website can be reached, for example http://techyworld.in

It’s important you pick your website address which short and fits your brand or niche – Lets say you want to blog about Health Care – then you must look for some good keywords on which you can book your web address.

For Example: Healthcareblog.com / Healthiswealth.com

Above Domain names give you good understanding about the website which visitors will come into, it’s better pick keywords of your niche rather using Yourname.com.

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Few More Tips Which You may want to look at

Easy to Remember – Domain Name

Don’t choose a nonsense name, something tough to spell, or a long name full of dashes. “http://www.thelongestdomainnameintheworldandthensomeandthensomemoreandmore.com/” won’t ever stick in someone’s head, but something like “www.Techyworld.in” rolls off the tongue.

Unique and Descriptive – Domain Name

You want a name that reflects who you are and what you care about. Be creative and build an identity you’re excited about!

Trustworthy – Domain Name

Domain extensions like “.com”, “.org” or “.in” are the most popular, with “.com” being the one most people think of first. Try to avoid crazy extensions like “.rocks” or “.biz”, as these are less commonly used, tougher to remember and not as trusted.

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Choose a WebHost for Your Website

A Webhost is an Online Service that connects your blog to the internet so others can read it. Your Website Files are located on the Web Hosting Servers.

How Do I Choose Webhosting Company?

Great Support – You stuck somewhere they are always there 24 by 7 – You must get in touch with them over the phone or via online chat services to get a quick revert on your query.

Easy to Use Control Panel: Most Commonly used Control panel for php based website which we will build from WordPress CMS – it’s supported by cPanel and Hostgator used that Control Panel.

Server Uptime: It’s important your website runs always without any unwanted downtime and you must get 99.99% Uptime with your Webhost.

Affordable Pricing: “Cheap is Rarely Good” I have experienced it. I would always suggest you best don’t waste time researching I have done it for You.

From Last 3 Years I am Using Hostgator for my websites and for my Clients as well – I am very satisfied with the service and uptime. I hardly open a ticket or contacted Customer Support for any issue as some tits bits can be taken care from their Support Forum.

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