Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service – YouTube Red Free Trail 30 Days

Google has come for something new and now its Google new version of YouTube it known as YouTube Red. Google New YouTube Paid Subscription Services is going to be live soon for US this October 2015.

If we shoot a question to anyone about video website which he/she visits most for video content?  Then most of the people will say YouTube is the first and best contender in the competition in this internet World.

So there is no reason Google will not workout with that Product and Build and Produce something new. Now they have announced they will start a Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service which will be known as YouTube Red. For New Users this Service will be for 30 days Free Trail and at this moment they will start this in US and launch date is 28th Oct 2015.

Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service – YouTube Red

Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service – YouTube Red

Historically supported by commercials, YouTube has allowed owners of channels to monetize their content using the age-old model of slapping video commercials at the beginning of content. Sometimes skippable, often not, these commercials range from surprisingly cool to downright obnoxious. If only there was a way to pay for the content directly without having to endure them.

That’s an idea that has been batted around for some time, and today, Google gave people what they wanted – a YouTube subscription service called YouTube Red. No, we don’t know why it’s called that either.

YouTube Red Update

YouTube Red Update

Essentially an all-you-can-eat subscription the likes of which we are all very familiar with at this point, YouTube Red allows video watchers to pay $9.99 per month and watch any content they like, free of commercials.

As part of the subscription, YouTube Red buyers will also be able to download videos for offline playback, as well as play videos in the background, perfect for those who like to inexplicably use YouTube as a sort of musical jukebox. No longer will your music stop playing when you quit the YouTube app to check twitter.

Speaking of music, YouTube Red subscribers will also get access to Google Play Music All Access, which usually costs $9.99 itself, which actually makes the whole thing quite the bargain. It’s not all good news, though. Those carrying iOS devices will need to pay $12.99 per month, rather than $9.99. We’re not keen on it, but we can understand why – Google wants to give its own Android platform an advantage. So be it.

Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service – YouTube Red

Google New YouTube paid Subscription Service – YouTube Red

As of now it’s not clear what Channel Owners will get out of it – it’s not disclosed as of now – but if say about 10$ a month and getting these features from YouTube it’s not bad – What Do you Say?

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